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Youko Mure - Unlabelled parent-and-children stories

無印親子物語 - 群 ようこ

It took me way longer than I would have imagined to get through this collection of very short stories; despite being titled "Unbranded parent-and-children stories", there really isn't much originality in these stories.


All the stories are about the relationships between female protagonists and their parents, and most of them just have a small twist or punchline to it (one has a young woman finding out about how her strict, old fashioned father is actually a much more silly man with his co-workers) or are more straightforward but with a humorous side (the first story is about a woman grappling with the fact that her mother, who's pushing sixty, still behaves as if she's at least fifteen years younger, for good and for bad). And sadly most of the twists and punchlines can be seen coming from miles away, which made the read really boring. And the writing too isn't anything to celebrate.


That said, the way the writer manages to create a nice, cosy familiar atmosphere when describing the characters or their situations is genuinely enjoyable, and one of the two reasons why I decided not to drop the book. A real pity there was no substance to back that up.