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Second attempt at a blog and back up of my old account, ferningur.

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Packing up (sort of)

After the most recent malfunctions and the other ongoing problems with spam that the admins of this site are seemingly not dealing with, I've seen posts from people talking about moving away from Booklikes.


I've been thinking about creating a backup online bookshelf and blog ever since the issues have become more bothersome (these days it can take up to a couple minutes for the homepage to load on my computer, which is just ridiculous), so this weekend I made some time, and started moving my blog to Wordpress.


At the same time, until there will be a few people around here, I'll be peeking around here, and if the system allows it, even to post something. This place won't be completely abandoned, not just yet. At the same time, I'll probably be a bit more active on these other accounts, especially if it's one of those days when Booklikes just keeps on giving me a 502 error.



Wordpress - still under construction. There are a few kinks I need to work out (I used to have a Wordpress blog about a decade ago, and the current setup of the site is incredibly confusing, even if definitely much more professional), but I backed up almost everything from this and my old blog.


Goodreads - though I mostly use it for the community and forums, rather than to leave reviews - at least for the moment, I'm still getting used to it.


Librarything - perfect to just keep track of the books, without distractions, although I'm starting to get more familiar with all the other features of the site.


Linktree - just to keep all the links to the new accounts in one place. In case I'll decide to start another account on some other site but miss my post announcing it, you'll find it there.



Feel free to follow me on any site you have an account on, and I'll follow back as soon as I can.