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Housekeeping post

- I'm going to drop out of the Booklikes-opoly, sadly (when I wondered if I would have ever managed to get to the orange spaces I was joking. It was actually accurate). The last few months have been a thing after the other for me, and sadly I haven't been able to find the time and peace to read as much as I'd want. I'll still read "Cities of Salt", when I'll have time.


- That said, I'll still try to be around for the next French Buddy Read. Like the other time, it might take me a bit longer than a weekend, but that's something I can deal with.


- I'll go on with Snakes and Ladders as well. I should pick only one challenge at a time from now on.


- I'm still going through "Il cardillo addolorato", just a bit slowly in part due to my own issues and in part due to the fact that the book is a much more difficult read than I would have expected - I have a short rant about a couple points in the prose of the third part, look forward to it in the next couple of days. I can already tell you that, if you want to read something from Ortese, this isn't the book you should start from, at all.